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Collections & Interpretations

The main campus of the Institute at Peechi, the Subcentre at Nilambur and the Field Research Station at Velupadam collectively form a large germplasm bank of several groups of useful plants such as bamboos, reeds, canes, palms, medicinal plants, orchids, elite clones of teak, etc. A rich herbarium of plants of Kerala, an insectorium, a culture bank of fungi, xylarium and a wildlife museum are satellite repositories attached to it. The collections & Interpretations are divided in to following groups under a scientific incharge.
  1. Arboretum
  2. Bambusetum
  3. Cane and Palmetum
  4. Herbarium
  5. Medicinal Plants
  6. Orchidarium
  7. Soil museum
  8. Xylarium
  9. Wildlife Museum
  10. Teak Museum
  11. Nature Trail
  12. Thematic Displays
  13. Butterfly Garden
  14. Insect collection