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Teak Museum

Teak holds a special position in the world of timber. Kerala has always had a deep involvement with its cultivation and trade. The name teak is itself derived from the Malayalam word ‘theku’. Nilambur is synonymous with the finest teak and home to the earliest plantations of the world. The teak and Nilabbur teak plantations were famed for quality timber used for ship building and cabinet making from 19 century.

The KFRI Sub-center under the direction of a Scientist, forms the hub of field research centered mainly on teak. The pest control lab established with DBT support undertakes production of. Hybcheck - the environmentally safe biopesticide based on NPV, that was the culmination of two decades of research on Hyblea peura, the most destructive of the pests of teak. The Teak Museum reminisces the history of teak cultivation and then brings the visitor to the present where teak stills holds sway as the most sought after timber. The displays in the Museum explain the numerous facets of teak research that KFRI has undertaken and offers a glimpse of the multifarious uses teak timber has been put to in the State. The artifacts include traditional household objects like the granary, swing cot, cloth-chest etc. To regale visitors details are provided of some of the giants of the teak world from Kerala forests . A library and mini theater are additional attractions of the Museum.

Teak museum is an exclusive museum displaying the teak its habitat, history, cultivation, management, socio-economic aspects and uses. The Museum attracts a lot of visitors around the year and recognizing that it was a good opportunity to impart nature awareness education.
Contact: Smt. Sani Lookose
The Curator, Teak Museum,
KFRI Subcentre, Chandakkunnu
Pin: 679 342, Nilambur, Kerala. , India.
Tel: +91-4931-222846, 220218