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Ongoing Projects

RP-703/2015 Long term monitoring of forest ecosystem dynamics: Phase I more
RP-704/2015 Plant growth promoting Rhizosphere and Rhizoplane Fungi of grasses and their ability to control important fungal diseases of forest nurseries more
RP-705/2015 Ecology and conservation genetics of Atuna indica and Hydnocarpus longipedunculatus -two rare and endemic trees in the Kerala part of the Western Ghats more
RP-706/2015 Exploring the potential for hybridization in bamboo species in flower in KFRI Bambusetum more
RP-707/2015 Study on Reproductive Constrains and Seed Characteristics of Terminalia paniculata Roth more
RP-708/2015 Developing a digital library for the Teak Museum more
RP-709/2015 Quantification of antibiotic gene expression levels in Bacillus subtilis during co-inhibition of rubberwood sapstain fungus using real-time PCR more
RP-710/2015 Bioactivity guided fratination and mechanistic elucidation of biomolecules from Cocculus iaurifolius DC. Of Southern Western Ghats more
RP-711/2015 Genetic improvement of selected tree species-Phase I:Plus tree selection, standardization of the propagation techniques, establishment of seed orchard more
RP-712.1/2015 BTSG - Training more
RP-712.10/2015 BTSG - Coordination more
RP-712.2/2015 BTSG - Publicity and Extension more
RP-712.3/2015 BTSG - Bsae Line Survey for assessing potential for improvement of productivity more
RP-712.4/2015 BTSG - National level Seminar more
RP-712.5/2015 BIC India (Database Generation & management) more
RP-712.6/2015 BTSG - Tools for management and harvesting operations in bamboo more
RP-712.8/2015 BTSG - Institutional mechanisams and Policy provisions towards community empowerment more
RP-712.9/2015 BTSG - Plant growth promoting and bio control microbes for high quality bamboo planting stock production (R & D Project) more
RP-712/2015 Bamboo Technical Support Group - KFRI more
RP-713/2015 Factors affecting roosting ecology of birds in Kerala more
RP-714/2016 Pedogenic influences on vegetation dynamics in major forested wetlands of Kerala Western Ghats more
RP-715/2016 Developing a sampling mathodology for the snail Achatina fulica and to estimate the population size in infested sites of Kerala more
RP-716/2016 Exploration of medicinal plant resources of Lakshadweep island with special reference to indigenous knowledge more
RP-RP 679/2014 Development of a farming system based Cyber extension model for the state of Kerala more

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