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Field of Expertise

Mr. VP Raveendran (Senior Scientist)
Dr. P Sujanapal (Scientist)
Tree Physiology
Dr. PA Jose (Principal Scientist)
Soil Science
Dr. MP Sujatha (Senior Principal Scientist)
Dr. S Sandeep (Scientist)
Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding
Dr. TK Hrideek (Scientist)
Dr. Suma Arun Dev (Senior Scientist)
Dr. EM Muralidharan (Senior Principal Scientist)
Forest Ecology
Dr. UM Chandrasekhara (Senior Principal Scientist)
Dr. KV Mohammed Kunhi (Principal Scientist)
Dr. KA Sreejith (Scientist)
Forest Botany
Dr. VB Sreekumar (Scientist)
Non-Timber Forest Produces
Dr. R Jayaraj (Scientist)
Wildlife Biology
Forest Entomology
Dr. TV Sajeev (Principal Scientist)
Forest Pathology
Dr. GE Mallikarjunaswamy (Scientist)
Dr. Shambhu Kumar (Senior Scientist)
Wood Science and Technology
Dr. TK Dhamodaran (Senior Principal Scientist(REGISTRAR I/C))
Dr. PK Thulasidas (Senior Scientist)
Forest Economics
Dr. V Anitha (Principal Scientist)
Dr. M Amruth (Scientist B)
Forest Statistics
GIS & Remote Sensing
Dr. Shijo Joseph (Senior Scientist)
Dr. AV Raghu (Scientist)
Library and Information
Dr. KF George (Senior Scientist)
Smt. Sani Lookose (Senior Scientist)