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Ongoing Projects

RP-680/2014 Control and management of destructive forest invasive species in South Asian natural and plantation forests more
RP-681.1/2014 BTSG-Training more
RP-681.10/2014 BTSG - Certification of Bamboo planting material. more
RP-681.11/2014 BTSG - Project Coordination more
RP-681.12/2014 DNA barcoding as a valuable molecular tool for certification of bamboo plantation material more
RP-681.2/2014 BTSG-Publicity and Extension more
RP-681.3/2014 BTSG - Monitoring of productivity in bamboo plantations more
RP-681.4/2014 BTSG - Interaction Workshop for State Mission Directors. more
RP-681.5/2014 BTSG - Strengthening of the Bamboo Information Centre (BIC-India) more
RP-681.6/2014 BTSG - High-Tech bamboo nurseries and production of quality planting material. more
RP-681.7/2014 BTSG - Model Bamboo plantations more
RP-681.9/2014 BTSG - Community adaption and livelihood assessment. more
RP-682/2014 Kerala Forest And Environment Index (KF&E-Index) more
RP-683/2014 Plant metabolomic studies in the genus Embelia found in Kerala. more
RP-684/2014 Ecology and restoration of Cynometra beddomei and Kingiodendron pinnatum two endemic and endangered tree legumes of Western Ghats of Kerala. more
RP-686/2014 Biospectrum analysis of Cocculus laurifolius DC from Southern Western Ghats. more
RP-687/2014 Foraging ecology of selected birds in the Kole wetlands of Kerala, India. more
RP-688/2014 DNA barcoding and fingerprinting as valuable molecular tools for the certification of planting materials in bamboo. more
RP-689/2014 Status, distribution, threat assessment and estimation of abundance of fish species in Chaliyar River System. more
RP-690/2014 Network project on Conservation of Lac Insect Genetic Resources more
RP-691/2014 Fire as a Management Tool: A case study from selected forest ecosystems in Kerala more
RP-692/2014 Ecology and patch dynamics of the endangered grizzled giant squirrel,Ratuya macroura dandolena habitats in South India with special reference to its conservation more
RP-700/2015 Risk assessment and development of management protocols for alien invasive ants of Kerala more
RP-701/2015 Evaluation of bioactive principles from entomofungi for insect pest management more
RP-702/2015 Development of biomarkers as a predictive tool for organophosphate toxicity in terrestrial ecosystem more
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