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Tree Health Helpline

Kerala Forest Research Institute (KFRI) in its three decades of existence has emerged as a hub of tropical forest research. One of the leading branches of research which cut across subject disciplines was the effort to solve tree health problems. This includes problems faced at single tree level to those at nurseries and plantation levels. Thousands of queries have been attended to, problems diagnosed arid remedies prescribed. Various divisions of KFRI like Soil Science, Entomology, Pathology, Botany, Silviculture, Wood Science, Statistics and Wildlife and Physiology had actively Involved In either attending to the problems in both multidisciplinary and monodiscipilnary modes.

The comprehensive tree helpline can attend to all queries related to tree planting and management such as site selection, species site matching, planting thinning, soil testing, fertilization, pest, disease and weed management, multi-species interactions, landscape level afforestation programmes, tree/wood sample identification, preservative treatments and economic valuation. The clientele of the service will be the general public including students who participate in tree planting programmes and also private and public firms.

Services offered

  1. Site selection: Identifying the right locales for tree pLanting species
  2. Site matching: Identifying which tree species are suited for a given site
  3. Planting: Recommendations on spacing and time of planting
  4. Thinning: Information on when and how to thin woodlots
  5. Soil testing: Quantifying soil nutrients
  6. Fertilizer application: Recommendations on type, quantity and timing of fertilizer use
  7. Pest, disease and weed management: Protocols for monitoring and recommendations on pest, disease and weed control with special focus on eco-friendly methods
  8. Multi-species Interactions: Knowledge on species mixing and their planting protocols
  9. Landscape level / afforestation Programmes: logistical support for large scale tree planting efforts
  10. Tree/wood sample Identification: Identification of wood samples and their strength measurements
  11. Preservative treatments: Timber seasoning protocols and preservative treatment methods
  12. Economic valuation: Economic projection and valuation of woodlots

Contact: Scientist Incharge
Tree Health Helpline
Kerala Forest Research Institute
Peechi P.O, Thrissur District, Kerala - 680653, India.
Tel: +91-487-2690222

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