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Ongoing Projects

RP-774/2019 Development of nanocomposite organic manure from weed compost more
RP-775/2019 Study on plant functional traits of selected tree species of Kerala more
RP-776/2019 Diversity and dynamics of a tropical forest ecosystem in Southern Western Ghats in the context of changing climate more
RP-777/2019 Sclaing up of protocol in vitro tuberization for production of quality planting material of two tuber yielding medicinal plants and promotion of organic home-stead farming as an income generation opportunity for rural women in Kerala (Phase I) more
RP-778/2019 Developing long term monitoring tools and strategies for mitigating human-wildlife conflicts in Kerala (Phase I) more
RP-779/2019 Annual Action Plan-BTSG- Coordination more
RP-780/2019 Big Bamboo Nursery more
RP-781/2019 Management of bamboo waste in primary processing unit more
RP-782/2019 Bamboo shoot processing facility more
RP-783/2019 Establishment of bamboo bazaar more
RP-784/2019 Training of farmers/artisans/field functioneries more
RP-785/2019 Organizing workshops and seminars more
RP-786/2019 Identification of genetically superior bamboo species more
RP-787/2019 Strengthening of tissueculture lab more
RP-788/2019 DNA barcoding of bamboos- Phase 2 more
RP-789/2019 Plant growth promoting and biocontrol microbes for high quality bamboo planting stock production more
RP-790/2019 Germplasm collection of Litsea and Persea (Jiggat) species more
RP-791/2019 Evaluation of alternative species for Jiggat production, characterization of accessions for growth, adaptability and gum production more
RP-792/2019 Characterization and quality assessment of bark/gum of alternative species for Jiggat production more
RP-793/2019 Plantation technology for Jiggat species more
RP-794/2019 Standardization of sustainable harvesting methods for Jiggat species more
RP-795/2019 Bird hazard to aircrafts in Thiruvananthapuram Airport more

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