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PhDs in progress

Studies on Human-Wildlife conflict in central Kerala, India.
Dr. EA Jayson , Suresh K. Govind (Uni: FRI-U,)
Tree microhabitat
Dr. TK Hrideek , Bharati Patel (Uni: CU,)
Studies on vegetative propagation of selected rare medicinal plants of Kerala.
Dr. T. Surendran, Soumya M.T (Uni: FRI-U,)
Bioindicators for monitoring soil and water quality in Koratty region, Kerala.
Dr. Thomas P Thomas, Kripa P.K (Uni: FRI-U,)
Identification and mass production of bacterial biocontrol against sapstain on rubber wood.
Dr. Suma Arun Dev, Sajitha K.L (Uni: FRI-U,)
Faunal responses to biological invasion: A case study of the Giant African snail (Achatina fulica Bowdich) infestation in Kerala.
Dr. TV Sajeev , Maneetha T.K (Uni: FRI-U,)
Ecology, Phenology and social contexts of invasion by selected alien plants in Kerala.
Dr. TV Sajeev , Soumya R (Uni: FRI-U,)
Regional differences in phenotypic and phytochemical profiles of selected medicinal plants in Kerala.
Dr. TV Sajeev , Neethu R.S (Uni: FRI-U,)
Molecular systematic and phylogeny of he genus Ochlandra Thw. (Poaceae).
Dr. VB Sreekumar, Sijimol K (Uni: FRI-U,)
Tracing the invasion: Molecular phylogeography and phyloclimatic modeling of the Giant African Snal Achatina fulica (Bowdich, 1882) in South India.
Dr. TV Sajeev , Keerthy Vijayan (Uni: FRI-U,)
Ecology of Kavvai River Basin – A Fragmentaed Landscape in Kerala.
Dr. TV Sajeev , Alex C.J (Uni: CUSAT,)
Land Management Practices and Rural Livelihood: A Study on Agroecosystems of selected Tribal hamlets in Attappady, Western Ghats.
Dr. MP Sujatha , Anhjali S.N (Uni: CUSAT,)
Molecular phylogeny of Rattans of South India.
Dr. EM Muralidharan , Anoja Kurian (Uni: CUSAT,)
Evaluation of Biochar for enhancing the productivity of Tectona grandis in degraded acidic soils of the Western Ghats, Kerala.
Dr. MP Sujatha , Asheedha K (Uni: CUSAT,)
Systematics of the Swallowtail butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) of Kerala, India.
Dr. George Mathew , Revathy V.S (Uni: CU,)
Impact of Invasive species and its carbon stock
Dr. TK Hrideek , Suby (Uni: CU,)
Breeding of Terminalia paniculata
Dr. TK Hrideek , Sanal C. Viswanath (Uni: CU,)
Foraging ecology of birds on the kole wetlands of Kerala, India.
Dr. EA Jayson , Greeshma P (Uni: CUSAT,)
Systematic studies, utilization and conservation of the genus Salacia (Celastraceae) in South India.
Dr. N Sasidharan , Muhammad Anaz K (Uni: CU,)
Flora of Aralam Wildlife Sanctuary.
Dr. N Sasidharan , Dantus K.J (Uni: CU,)
Study of the constraints in efficient micropropagation of bamboo.
Dr. EM Muralidharan , Vidya R. Sankar (Uni: CUSAT,)
Carbon sequestration potential of teak plantations of Kerala.
Dr. Thomas P Thomas, Sreejesh K.K (Uni: CUSAT,)
Environmental impact of industrialization on soil and water quality – a case study in Koratty Region.
Dr. Thomas P Thomas, Prasanth K.M (Uni: CUSAT,)
Optimization of in vitro procedures for efficient microrogation of bamboo.
Dr. EM Muralidharan , Remya S.R (Uni: CUSAT ,)
Potential of urban waste compost for organic farming.
Dr. MP Sujatha , Lathika. C (Uni: CUSAT,)

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