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Extension Projects

EP-264/2012 Preparing brochures on forestry aspects more
EP-265/2012 KFRI Occasional Papers more
EP-269/2013 Capacity building of field staff of Kerala Forest Department in Forestry and Forest Management more
EP-272/2013 Improvement of facilities in the teak museum for enhancing its Eco-tourism values more
EP-286/2014 Model nursery of medicinal plants at KFRI main campus, Peechi. more
EP-287/2014 Model nursery of medicinal plants at at KFRI field Research Station, Palappilly. more
EP-288/2014 Analysis of soil samples from major tree crops and agro-forestry systems Kerala – 2nd Phase. more
EP-289/2014 Land Management Practice and Rural Livelihood: A study on Agroecosystems of Selected Tribal Hamlets in Attapady. more
EP-290/2014 Production and supply of quality seedlings of selected ten medicinal plants. more
EP-291/2014 Effect of fire on soil properties and loss of nutrients in Wayanad forests. more
EP-292/2014 Analysis of various micro and macro nutrients in soil samples as a part of crop health management. more
EP-293/2014 DNA Barcoding of life forms. more
EP-294/2014 Maintenance of the central Instrumentation Unit. more
EP-295/2014 Strengthening and enriching of KFRI Herbarium. more
EP-296/2014 Publication of the proceedings of the National Seminar on ‘Forestry and Agriculture’ more
EP-297/2014 Maintenance of permanent plots established by KFRI in natural forests of Kerala- Phase I more
EP-298/2014 Preparation of an action plan for the Mangroves of Kerala. more
EP-299/2014 Establishment of Green Grooves in selected municipalities and panchayaths of Kerala – Participatory programme for developing green grooves in Urban areas. more
EP-356/2018 Preparation of a handbook on woody plants endemic to Kerala-Phase 1 more
EP-ESTM 12/2017 Lan, internet and website (Old lib.02) more
EP-ESTM 26/2017 Maintenance of field research station at,Devikulam (old EP 329) more
EP-ESTM 27/2017 Maintenance of field research station Kottapara, Ernakulam. more
EP-ESTM-07 Enrichment and maintenance of medicinal plant garden at Peechi Campus more
EP-ESTM-34 Campus Garden Development more
EP-ESTM-4/2017 Maintenance of Wildlife Museum more

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