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EP- 335/2016 more
EP- 336/2016 more
EP- 337/2016 more
EP- 338/2016 more
EP- 339/2016 more
EP- 340/2016 29th Kerala Science Congress more
EP- 341/2016 KSCSTE Curtain raiser programme of 29th Kerala Science Congress more
EP- 342/2017 Maintenance of digital archives and research project records in RME more
EP- 343/2017 Developing protocols for professional forest management practices more
EP- 344/2017 Establishing Tulasivanam(Collection of Tulasi Plants) at Niyamasabha Complex more
EP- 345/2017 more
EP- 346/2017 more
EP- 347/2017 Preparation of compensatory mangrove afforestation and conservation plan related to the widening and improvement of NH 17 from Kannur to Vegalam in the State of Kerala more
EP- 348/2017 National interaction meeting of practitioners and researchers of traditional system of medicine more
EP- 349/2017 more
EP- 350/2017 Recreating forest with emphasis on indigenous plants at the campus of Hill Palace, Ernakulum - Phase 1 more
EP- 351/2017 A Proposal for Publishing an Introductory, Pictorial Book (Coffee-Table Book) on the Forest Wealth of Kerala more
EP- 352/2017 Computer, information networking website, software and communication development more
EP-186 Conservation awareness programme for the Madayi hill , Kannur District more
EP-186/2010 Conservation awareness programme for the Madayi Hills, Kannur District more
EP-188 One week compulsory training course on Conservation and Develoopmnet of Medicinal plants and its benefits sharing with local communiites more
EP-190 Systematics of the swallowtail butterflies (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae) of Kerala, India more
EP-191 System study to develop a manual for collection, compilation, validation and dissemination of forest satistics of Kerala more
EP-204 Strengthening the collection of traditional teak wood articles at Teak Museum and preparation of a handbook on traditional houshold articles in teakwood more
EP-205 Strengthening the ex-situ Conservatory at FRC, Velupadam with RET tree species of Western Ghats more
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