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Extension Projects

EP- 300/2014 more
EP- 302/2014 Monitoring of teak experimental plots, clonal multiplication area(CMA) and production superior clonal plants more
EP- 303/2014 CAT(Conservation Awareness Team) at school for environment education and conservation more
EP- 304/2014 more
EP- 305/2014 more
EP- 308/2015 Organising educational programs at Teak Museum, KFRI Subcentre more
EP- 310/2015 more
EP- 311/2015 Maintenance of bioresources Nature Park in the KFRI Sub Centre, Nilambur more
EP- 312/2015 Competence building on analytical instrumentation and maintenance of Central Instrumentation Unit. more
EP- 313/2015 Enrichment of Microbial Culture collection at KFRI more
EP- 315/2015 Habitat enrichment in the butterfly garden at KFRI campus, Peechi more
EP- 316/2015 Enrichment of the insect collection of KFRI more
EP- 317/2015 Maintenance and enrichment of medicinal plants garden at Peechi campus- Phase II more
EP- 318/2015 Strengthening and enriching of KFRI Herbarium more
EP- 319/2015 Strengthening and enriching of KFRI Palmetum more
EP- 323/2015 more
EP- 324/2015 Tree health helpline more
EP- 327/2015 Management and monitoring bambusetum at FRC, Velupadam more
EP- 328/2015 Maintenance and monitoring arboretum at FRC, Velupadam more
EP- 329/2015 Management of experimental plots at Devikulam more
EP- 330/2015 Bamboo innovations to enterprises: Maintaining and strengthening business model facilitating CFC activities more
EP- 331/2015 KFRI facility maintenance collection, Processing, quality assessment, storage and distribution of seeds of forestry species through KFSC more
EP- 332/2015 more
EP- 333/2016 Production of planting stock in KFRI Bamboo Nurseries more
EP- 334/2016 National workshop of CEOs of SMPBs and other stake holders of medicinal plants sector more

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