Sustainable Forest Management Silviculture


Silviculture occupies a pivotal position in forestry and afforestation programmes. Silviculture is an applied science of forestry which concern with various treatments of forest stands that may be applied to maintain an enhanced productivity. At KFRI Silviculture Department often forms the link between theory and practice by focusing on:
  • Techniques of afforestation
  • Management of plantations
  • Raising of nurseries
  • Establishment of live collections.
A live collection of 63 species of bamboos native to India is maintained by the department and Information on clump development, culm production and growth parameters are monitored here. The collection of Sympodial bamboos will help in choosing bamboo species suitable for various agro-climatic zones and to gather valuable scientific information on bamboo growth besides serving as germplasm for future crop improvement programmes.

Ongoing Research Projects

  1. Enriching of Live Collections of Wild Orchids and Ferns of Kerala and preparation of an illustrated manual
  2. Standardisation of bamboo cultivation practices for homesteads of Kerala Phase II
  3. Storage practices in recalcitrant tropical forest seeds of Western Ghats
  4. Seed ecological and regeneration studies on key stone species of the evergreen and moist decidous forest ecosystems
  5. Assessment of medicinal plant resources of Northern Kerala
  6. Population analysis seed biology and restoration of Hopea erosa and H racophloea two critically endangered trees of Western Ghats
  7. Largescale Restoration of Dysoxylum malabaricum Bedd ex Hietn and coscinium fenestratum colebr,two endangered and important medicinal plants of Western Ghats
  8. Development of a farming system based Cyber extension model for the state of Kerala
  9. Study on Reproductive Constrains and Seed Characteristics of Terminalia paniculata Roth
  10. Exploration of medicinal plant resources of Lakshadweep island with special reference to indigenous knowledge

Ongoing Extension Projects

  1. Strengthening the ex-situ Conservatory at FRC, Velupadam with RET tree species of Western Ghats
  2. Strengthening the ex-situ Conservatory at FRC Velupadam with RET tree species of Western Ghats
  3. Development of forest nursery at Kottappara and Devikulam
  4. Strengthening and enriching institute central nursery
  5. Model nursery of medicinal plants at KFRI main campus, Peechi.
  6. Model nursery of medicinal plants at at KFRI field Research Station, Palappilly.
  7. Production and supply of quality seedlings of selected ten medicinal plants.
  8. Preparation of an action plan for the Mangroves of Kerala.
  9. Establishment of Green Grooves in selected municipalities and panchayaths of Kerala – Participatory programme for developing green grooves in Urban areas.
  10. Management and monitoring bambusetum at FRC, Velupadam
  11. Maintenance and monitoring arboretum at FRC, Velupadam
  12. Management of experimental plots at Devikulam
  13. KFRI facility maintenance collection, Processing, quality assessment, storage and distribution of seeds of forestry species through KFSC
  14. Production of planting stock in KFRI Bamboo Nurseries
  15. National workshop of CEOs of SMPBs and other stake holders of medicinal plants sector

Contact: Dr. MP Sujatha
Kerala Forest Research Institute
Peechi 680653, Thrissur, Kerala, INDIA
Tel: +91-487-2690162