Dr. MP Sujatha

Senior Principal Scientist
Department of Soil Science

Phone: 91 - 487 - 2690182
Mobile: 9446531852
e-mail: sujatha@kfri.res.in
Dr. (Mrs.)M.P. Sujatha has completed her graduation in Agriculture from Kerala Agricultural University in 1982, post graduation in Soil Science from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University and doctoral programme in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry from Kerala Agricultural University. She started her career in 1986 as Agricultural Officer in the State Department of Agriculture and after that worked as Research Assistant at Rubber Research Institute, Kottayam. Later in 1987, she joined KFRI as Scientist in the Soil Science Department. The main areas of her research were on physical and chemical characterization and classification of soils of tropical forest ecosystems, species soil matching, afforestation of degraded lateritic soils, nutrition of tree seedlings in nurseries and plantations, soil carbon sequestration, fertility evaluation of soils of agro ecological zones, quality evaluation and production of organic manure from weeds, organic wastes etc.

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